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Greece Yacht Charter Destinations

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  The Greek island world is indeed one of the most delightful spots on Earth. Altogether there are over 2000 islands populated by 1.5 million people. Here you can enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean sea and sun in front of the unique historical background.

 Whether you choose the Cyclades, the Ionian sea, the Sporades or the Dodecanese – each group of islands will greet you with its own charm and its own specific climate conditions. If you doubt about which sailing area is the most interesting for you, just follow this simple rule: searching for peace and idyll, you should sail around the small Greek islands with sparse tourism industry; if you wish to discover the traces of the great Greek history, you should visit the big islands such as Crete, Naxos or Corfu.

 The sailing area around the Ionian islands and the Sporades is the most appropriate for sailing with children, as these areas are mostly untroubled by the summer wind Meltemi. If you like sporty sailing and plan longer routes, then the island world of the Cyclades and the Dodecanese is perfect for you. The good weather wind Meltemi provides for a good cruising speed in the southern directions. For the way back to the north, you should precautionary plan about two-thirds of your entire travel time.

The roots of our culture are hidden on the Greek islands. There are traces that testify to human life 7000 before Christ. Long ago, this region was the centre of trade between Asia, Europe and Africa. It was a melting spot of different nations and cultures, which all contributed to development of the Greek culture. Chartering a yacht in Greece is the best way to explore the variety of islands on your own and to enjoy the beauty of the coastal line and the crystal-clear water. Blooming oleanders, olive trees, fig palms and grapes covering the shores provide for this distinctive Mediterranean feeling.

The good Greek food in taverns and the great cultural relics from the ancient world will capture your heart and make your yachting holidays to an unforgettable experience.


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